Minnesota Association for Play Therapy
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About Minnesota Association for Play Therapy

Our National Organization, the Assocation for Play Therapy (APT) is approximately 5000 members and growing. Our members consist of primarily mental health professionals committed to offering quality services in the area of play therapy. In order to provide quality services, our members must be competent in the area of play therapy in which continued education units are required and are obtained through such venues as workshops and conferences. Furthermore, MNAPT extends memberships to students and organizations who wish to contribute to the field of play therapy.​

MNAPT Committees

MNAPT also has several active committees that keeps it running smoothly and allows members to be as involved as they want to be in promoting Play Therapy. These committees include:

Conference Committee: Marit Appeldoorn - Chair
     Members:  Jaime Monson, Alexis Greeves, Megan Oudekerk, 
                       Stephanie Miller

Media Committee: Alexis Greeves - Chair
     Members: Megan Oudekerk, Sarah Cross, Melissa Wetterlund, 
                       Jessica Voerding 

Public Relations Committee: Marit Appeldoorn - Chair

If you are interested in participating on a current committee, or have an idea about a new committee, please contact us at mnaptorg@yahoo.com.
Board of Directors

MNAPT is governed by a Board of Directors, which includes the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. These positions are currently held by the following people:


    Marit Appeldoorn, LICSW; Past President                                 Stephanie Miller, LPCC RPT; President

Megan Oudekerk, PsyD, LMFT, RPT-S; Vice-President                         Renee E. Carlson, MS, LPCC-S, RPT, (pending), Health Coach

Karina Golberg, MA, (pursuing LPCC & RPT)
Rebecca Lund, LPCC-S, RPT